... about me
This page will lead you to information about me, what I think, who my friends are and what I think about the future.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. Of course I am much, much better in person. It is also true that if you have found this web page you probably know a lot about me already.

What's on my Pilot?
This is a brief description of my latest experiences with my Palm Pilot. For those who are interested, I have the Original Pilot that has been upgraded to Palm OS 3.0, 2 meg of memory, and the IR beaming capability.
My Biography
A short essay about my life so far. This is the readers digest version. I will be working on this for the next few months so it is a work in progress.
My Friends
What more is there to say, these are people I have worked with or hung out with. I would probably bail any one of them out of jail if I had to.
My Cars
I have drive, loved, and hated many cars. Here are a few minor thoughts about the cars I have owned.
Random Thoughts
Odd, random, mutated thoughts, some of which are half-finished or half baked.
Web resources that I find to be useful or entertaining.
E-mail is still the killer web application. I much prefer sharing information in e-mail to other analog formats. If you call I may not be home. If you write snail mail I may not get it until weeks after you sent it if at all.Electronic mail does not have these difficiencies. Of course, if a back hoe in Virginia cuts through some fiber optic line we'll all be sunk.