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BooksBooks are my friends. I would have a harder time parting with a book than most other possessions.

The most interesting book I have read recently was Cryptonomicon [3/26 Used to be a website, but it looks like it is gone now], by Neal Stephenson.

This book had some great scenes that combined cypher punk computing with mathematics, good fiction and a laugh now and then.

My favorite, scene was the one where a family is dividing up the estate of an elderly relative. Each family member ranked the both how much they desired an item, and how much they did not want an item. For instance, you might want the antique dresser, but having the globe in your house would make you unhappier than if you didn't have it. Then all this data was plotted and the estate was divided up according to strict formula.

The book did feel too long by a couple of hundred pages. In addition the ending was weak and left me wondering if the author wasn't trying to sucker me into a trilogy.

If you don't have time for this weighty book, consider reading his essay "In the Beginning ..." [3/26 It looks like this essay isn't available on the web anymore. I'll try and get a copy that I can post] , which is a classic rant on computing history and future.