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The Future

Being a futurist seems like a great career opportunity. I've always wanted a journalist to interview me, carefully noting each work while I mutter about global trends.

On the humorous side I have inadvertently predicted several odd events in a manner that my wife thinks is spooky.

Here goes ...


Never will there have been more hype about any event. I predict that business will go bankrupt at the normal rate, third world countries will plunge into crisis at the usual pace, and Russia will need western technology. (August 23, 1998)


UNIX will have a new rebirth with new beautiful interfaces. Linux will rule the earth.(August 23, 1998)


The stock market will reach new heights during the next century. The Dow will reach 20,000 sooner than expected. (August 23, 1998)

Smart Cards

By 2010 practically no one will carry primitive paper money and coins made of refined metals.(August 23, 1998)


A footnote in history next to Amiga, and Next, just below my TRS-80 Color Computer and the Atari 2400.(August 23, 1998)

Genetic Engineering

This industry will make other industries like computing, banking, and automotive look small in comparison. Look for a Free Gene Foundation that does Genetic programming for free just like the Free Software Foundation. Look for lots of government regulation.(August 23, 1998)