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As I have explained in lot's of different places I no longer enjoy writing web pages from scratch. Better to write programs that write HTML. Finally, I have set up a blog to write down my musings.

2003 trip to Yosemite, John Muir Trail.


Matthew and I took a little trip to the Fraconia Sculpture Garden near Taylor's Falls, Minnesota. Check out the photos.

Gene Hartfield's 90th Birthday

On March 3rd, 2002, the whole Hartfield family and not a few friends got together to celebrate Gene Hartfields's 90th Birthday. It was a great day.

Well, I guess you can't check the photos out here. Barb is creating a page with the same photo's. When it's ready I'll add a link here.

New Addition to the Burlowski family, Elise

On August 22, 2001 we welcomed Elise to our family. Pictures online, of course.

House for sale (UPDATE: SOLD)

Our townhome in Fridley was for sale. It has been sold, and closed. Bye, bye townhome. Check it out!


Christmas 2000, Packer Style. Photo's from my trip to Lambeau Field for a Packers game on December 10, 2000. It was my Christmas present to my Dad and Jeannie's present to me.

Pictures from a Fall Color Trip to the North Shore of Lake Superior Fall 2000.

Pictures from a Sailing Trip on Lake Superior Summer/Fall 2000.

Check out some pictures from the Memorial Day 2000 Enduro race.

Family Photo's
Tim and Jeannie had a baby!

March Photos of Matthew

Memorial Day Photos of Matthew

Recent July pictures of Matthew and our recent trip to Monterey

Pictures and commentary bout our new house.

Photos of the Hartfields, Midwest Edition, Thanksgiving Day Feast.

Photos of the Matthew's trip to Milwaukee in October.

Other Stuff

Feel free to visit my recipe web site, containing over 1000 recipes.

I maintain binaries for my favorite text editor vim for Solaris x86here.

My Brother-in-law Bill compares an MR2-Turbo to a Porsche Carrera4,2000 Miles in a Porsche

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