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Business, Management and Ideas

Lookup Zip+4 Zip codes
Really cool way to look up a zipcode. There is almost no reason to own a phone book anymore
Fast Company
The best magazine in print or on the web today. Discusses issues relating to the "new economy", career, management and life.
First Monday
Peer reviewed journal on the internet about the internet.
The Red Herring
Follow the IPO's.
Huge research collection relating to business.
The Institute of Management and Information
Research collection with newsletters.

Internet Security

If you were hacked they probably know who and how.
CERT*Coordination Center
If you were hacked they want to know. Read their info on how to recover from an intrusion if you want a little heartburn.
Microsoft's Security Bulletins
At least the ones they admit to.
Yeah, free Kevin Mitnick, whatever.

Palm Stuff

Official Palm Pilot home
This is the coolest handheld organizer since paper.
Ray's Palm Central Software Archive
If it isn't here you probably don't want it.
You too can write programs for the pilot. Possibly the longest helloworld ever!
Pilot FAQ
Just the FAQ's mamn, just the FAQ's.

Perl, and other Unix related things.

Perl's official home
Not much more to say.
Free software for everyone, or at least the people using Linux.
Distributed Computing
www.distributed.net, a center for using all the spare computer cycles in the world to crack various crypto scemes.

Fun Stuff

The hippest funniest daily e-zine on the net. Nothing is too irreverent.
I used to work with Dilbert


Search Yahoo!
If you can't find it here, keep looking. It's on the web somewhere.
[ Yahoo! ] options
Keep looking. You will always find what you are looking for in the last place that you look.

Example: hotels in San Francisco options