Extra, Extra, Read all about it! I have made a number of recent improvements, including a new background, and a number of new pictures.
2000 Miles in a Porsche
My Brother-in-law Bill compares an MR2-Turbo to a Porsche Carrera4.
Memorial Day 200 Enduro Race
Check out pictures from the race track. I didn't race this one, but my friend Al Franz did.
Matthew's First Pictures
See the first baby pictures for my little boy.
Orange of Grin
The Story of the Orange of Grin
Linux T-Shirt logo
Linux logo that I created.
Amnicon Falls
Snapshots of Amnicon Fall in Wisconsin.
Memorial Day 99
Here are a couple of snapshots I took on Memorial Day Weekend 99. Jeannie and I had the good fortune to host a number of friends at lake Vermillion.
Here are a few pictures of Jeannie I took this summer
Lake Vermillion
Pictures from Lake Vermillion. Yes, summer does return to Minnesota.
Vaction pictures
Here are a number of pictures I have taken on various vacations over the last few years.
Palm Computing
I had a recent brush with the repair service at Palm Computing when I broke my Pilot. Here is a review of there service.
Future, or Josh hate's animated gifs.The Future
Here is a collection of thoughts about the future, complete with the date on which I made the amazing prediction.
Financial News and Information
The web is a fantastic source of useful financial information. Find out about my investment philosophy and get links to useful information.
Design Notes
I am not a graphic designer by trade. Since these web pages are so beautiful you may be wondering how I created them. I will reveal all of my web-secrets.