The Orange of Grin II

This is a picture of the Orange of Grin II. This object sits atop my monitor at work.
Orange of Grin

As soon as I started work at VERITAS I left this delightful orange on top of my monitor just to see what would happen. It has dried into a lovely hollow looking shell with only the smallest patch of mold.

The Orange of Grin II was inspired by the original Orange of Grin that was cultivated by Rob Bratterton, formerly a technician at LaserMaster. When he left LM he crushed it in the maws of a PressMate FS, much to the dismay of one Todd Madson. Both have since left LM and gone on to much success. What role the Orange of Grin played in their respective success is unknown and perhaps unknowable.

The original Orange of Grin was so named because of a song entitled " Drawer of Grin", by Mike Keneally.