Palm Pilot Upgrade

Palm Pilot Upgrade

I got the Palm III upgrade this spring. I was very simple to install, and came with all the software goodies I wanted. I had -0- problems.

Palm Computing thoughtfully considered just about every installation problem you might have. The instructions were clear and I had no problems.

I still with my Palm was backup lit, but the extra memory is well the price of the upgrade. Next I think I'll go for the Palm V.

I can't say that I have had the same luck with the latest OS available from Palm Computing. While it does seem marginally faster, it also seems to lock up more often. That could be due to a software conflict, but I haven't been able to resolve it yet.

Next toy to buy is a modem cable so I can connect directly to the internet. I have very happy with the information I can get from They have a nifty downloader / web surfing program that lets you select information providers and donload usefule info each time you hot - sync. I love having the daily stock quotes downloaded. Copyright 1998. Electronic redistribution is allowed as long as credit it given.

Tim Burlowski

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