Memorial Day Race

A few years ago I did a little bit of low budget auto racing, at Raceway Park in Shakopee Minnesota. On Memorial Day of 2000, I went back out to the track to see my friend Al Franz race. Al, is one of the best racers out at the track and certainly one of the best liked. I was working for Al at Franz Repro a few years ago when he let me borrow his son's car for a race. I was hooked.

I hope in a few years I can get back into racing. What could be better than spending your holidays out at the race track in true American fashion, racing big American made stock cars.

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#27 at the starting line
Al's new car complete with a fresh paint job and a pretty nice sounding engine.
#27 close to the front
Al is starting pretty close to the front of the pack. Starting order is determined strictly on a first come, first served basis.
And the race is on, looks like a lot of burnt rubber, a a fair amount of oil.
More of the same.
Al always told me to go fast and turn left. Here he is leading the pack around the corner.
Al heading into turn one.
One thing you need to understand about Enduro Racing is that all the competitors who show up on raceday are in the race. On this day 60 plus competitors were tearing up the quarter mile banked asphalt track. That makes for one big traffic jam.
There are always a few accidents, and today was no exception.
Well #27 in in the pits now. As you can tell by all the number of people working on the car there are some problems. It looks like a simple water pump gasket to start with.
I'm not sure where Al gets his mechanic's ;-)

Unfortunately, the #27 car ended up with a few unexpected mechanical problems and it never made it back on to the track this race. But if I know Al, he'll be back with a better setup next time. Good Luck, Al.