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Hartfield Family thanksgiving, November 2000.
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Irene, Gene, Matthew and Tim lean in for the picture.
Great-grandma feeding the happy baby.
Jennifer and the big bird, 22 pounds.
Almost everyone managed to get around the table.
Joe and Eric sat at the kids table, or kid's island rather. We all waited to see who would get voted off the island.
Matthew played calmly while everyone ate.
"Did that gravy really catch on fire?"
I'm thankful, we all have trees to burn.
Irene Hartfield
"You must dismember this, a kiss is still a kiss." Well you get the idea. Jeannie informs me that this activity is deboning not dismembering.
All worn out from the carbohydrates other people have been eating.
I could finish this crossword faster if people stopped taking flash pictures!
Tom was the perfect host.
I just ate a bug while no one was watching.
Ask Jennifer why the pie was so funny.
Guess what Jeannie was thankful for this year?
Here is the reason the pie was so funny. No, no one baked their underwear into the pie. That thing Jennifer is holding is a paper liner between two pie crusts. It should actually be removed before baking, not after. Who knew?
"Don't bonk my head, Dada."
Eric Haapala
Joe Merhar
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