VIM Binaries


VIM is a replacement for the VI editor. It contains many new features and enhancements to the original.

The binary file(s) below only contain the minimum binary distribution. For the full featured VIM you should also download the run-time, distribution which contains documentation and sample files. You should be able to find the latest run time files at


These instructions use vim-5.4-bin-solaris2.6-x86.tar.gz for an example. If you download a different version/architecture substitute your version/architecture file names.

Put the archive "vim-5.4-bin-solaris2.6-x86.tar.gz" in the root directory, gunzip the file by typing, "gunzip -d vim-5.4-bin-solaris2.6-x86.tar.gz" to create "vim-5.4-bin-solaris2.6-X86.tar"

then untar that file using

"tar -xvf vim-5.4-bin-solaris2.6-X86.tar".

This will create the files in the paths listed below under "Contents":

After decompressing, change to the appropriate bin directory and type:
ln -s gview vim
ln -s gvim vim
ln -s rgview vim
ln -s rgvim vim
ln -s rview vim
ln -s rvim vim

to set up the links for the GUI versions.

Last Update 9/29/99

Solaris 2.6, x86

VIM binary (5.4)
VIM binary (5.5b)


Solaris 2.6 Binary for x86
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