Can’t believe the snow now

It’s late ( 11:53 P.M. ) now. I have just gotten back from shopping, and let me tell you about the weather. It’s a classic snowstorm — almost blizzard. It seems like 8″-10″ on the ground already, and boy howdy is it blustery and windy.
It seems like when I moved to Minnesota this happened several times each winter. For the last couple of years we’ve been cheated and haven’t had this kind of snow. Hardly makes buying a snowmobile worth while. On the good news front my snowblower I bought on seems to be running like a champ.
Read an article today in some outdoor adventure mag, about a herptologist working in the jungle. Some very bad snake bites him and he shrugs it off. He explains to his fellow scientists that he’ll slip into a coma and be unable to breathe by himself. But in 48 hours his body will have rid itself of the toxins. Well unfortunately they were in pretty deep so his fellow had to perform mouth to mouth for more than 24 hours and CPR for more than three hours. Unfortunately, he did not live. Note to self, if deadly snake bites finger, consider cutting finger off quickly.

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