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Christmas Story

My wife was explaining the Christmas story to the children on the way to church this morning. She was explaining in detail how the story takes place very long ago. Matthew was paying close attention and added “Probably they rode … Continue reading

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kids say the darndest things

“Elise you should be aware that I’m only four; I’m just a little boy.” –Matthew

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Ordinary Wolves

I’ve been a little distracted lately and haven’t finished a book in a while. I did manage to finish Ordinary Wolves, by Seth Kantner. I really liked this book’s descriptions of being outside. There are very few books for me … Continue reading

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Stopping Blogging

This post about stopping blogging really did amuse me this morning. “So, if you have a blogger you really care for, the thing to do is to quit encouraging him/her, and make him/her go back to being real. ” – … Continue reading

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Not long ago, I was talking to a young co-worker about crushes. Her eyes lit up and there was a certain kind of smile that can only accompany a deep and secret crush on someone. You could tell just by … Continue reading

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Fight Club

You met me at a very strange time in my life.

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Misheard Song Lyrics

I’ve always had a dreadful ear for song lyrics. I’ve no idea what many songs are really supposed to be about. For some reason the song by the Police, “So Lonely” always has sounded like “Sonali” to me. This goes … Continue reading

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Angry Blogging

I recall my Driver’s Education instructor talking about angry driving. He seemed quite adamant that angry driving can lead to missed exits, accidents or at the very least tickets for speeding. One day, while I was driving during the on-the-road … Continue reading

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Act of Creation

Todd wrote a brilliant comment on my post entitled “National Novel Writing Month“. The part that really struck me was this bit. “I don’t pretend I’ll be a huge seller but the act of creation is sometimes enough. And the … Continue reading

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Want Less

I’ve always thought that the key to having more in life is wanting less. I wish I could live it as well as I can say it.

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