Almost a year ago I bought my first Moleskine journal. At that point I had bought many journals before and never managed to fill more than a few pages. I’m happy to report that I filled two entire moleskines and am working on a third one now. Apparently I have enough self-fascination and navel gazing that this blog won’t quite contain it all — I have to spill my guts somewhere else too.

I recently picked up a leather cover for my journal from Renaissance Art. It’s an awesome cover. It fits well, looks great and adds a pen loop which is the only thing the moleskine notebook doesn’t have. The downside is that the notebook no longer fits in my pocket, the cool band across the journal becomes extraneous and the inside pocket is harder to access. Overall, I like the cover, but I take it off when I need the notebook to take up less room.

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3 comments on “Journal”

  1. gloria

    Blogging and journaling – both, for me, flow from this need for freedom of expression. Jenell Paris just blogged about the tension of roles with blogging. I try hard to be intentional about a lack of self monitoring in my journal – cuz where else can one have such honest expression?
    I have been consistently journaling since college. In recent years I find that I have no patience for journals that do not lie flat! Spiral bound seem to give me the most writing ease. They don’t have the beauty or convenience of some others. And I get emotionally attached to what the silly little thing looks like – sort of crazy.

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