2006: Jan 1 – 7

After consultation with my editorial board and the inspiration of the “THE 100 MOST ANNOYING THINGS OF 2005“, I’ve decided to add a new category to the blog called, “Annoyance of the Week.” I plan to chronicle all the things that I find especially annoying throughout the year. If you want to nominate someone or something as a candidate for annoyance of the week drop me a line.

My nominee for Annoyance of the Week is the radical American cleric Pat Roberts.

In week one of 2006, Pat Robertson distanced himself from the pack by stating that God had caused Ariel Sharon’s stroke. Never mind the fact that Mr. Sharon is in his late seventies is overweight and has a stressful job. I’m speculating now, but it also looks like Sharon probably doesn’t get enough exercise — although he does look significantly more lifelike than the other radical cleric Jerry “Looks So Lifelike” Falwell”. If all that weren’t enough reason to have a stroke, MSNBC reports the stroke may have been caused by a medicine combined with a pre-existing condition. Pat has been outdoing himself lately calling for the assassination of foreign government officials and suggesting the reasonable voters in Dover, PA shouldn’t ask God for help in the future. What an embarrassment.

If we all ignore him will he go away?

Seriously which job would you rather have — Pat Robertson’s PR guy explaining to the press what your boss meant to say or would you rather teach angry ferrets how to program with templates in C++? I say bring on the ferrets.

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1 comment on “2006: Jan 1 – 7”

  1. pearl

    You beat me to it. No, he won’t go away if you ignore him. Wish there was someone to petition, asking him to step down as 700 Club host.

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