2006:Jan 8 – 14

This week’s theme for the annoyance of the week is things that leave a bad taste in the mouth.

Annoyance Number 1 – Bad Coffee

I love coffee and prefer it strong and black. Since I’ve been out of tea for the last couple of months I’ve drank a bit too much crap coffee. The coffee I was drinking was dreadful, but I didn’t realize it until I had cleansed my palate with a few days of tea drinking last week. After a few days of tea I went to a local coffee shop and came to the conclusion that not only was the crap coffee bitter and nearly tasteless — it was slowly robbing me of my ability to taste. Once I had weaned myself off of the crap coffee for a few days everything tasted better including decent, but not amazing, coffee from the local coffee shop. Crap coffee will deface your taste buds, coat your tongue in tar, make you think Lindsay Lohan is important and eventually turn you to the dark side of the force — avoid it at all costs.

Annoyance Number 2 – The Senate and Judge Alito

I captured some of the proceedings from the confirmation hearings for Judge Alito and played it backwards to determine the true content. Here is an exceprts from the transcribed results.

Senator: Wow, the sound of my own voice is so dreamy. Every American must be hanging onto all my utterances. I hope my staff got all this case law stuff right, Griswold, was that the family from European Vacation? More people should be watching the hearings on TV, seriously Jack Abramoff arranged for a really nice new suit and hair cut just for the hearing…

Judge Ito: These are not the memos you are looking for.

Senator: Wow, for a second there I imagines I had to listen to someone else’s voice, I almost lost consciousness … must use folksy aphorism…

Judge Ito: Stare decisis

The hearings are a farce. The process seems to exist to give us candidates who are adept at not saying much. It’s a “no show trial” meant only as entertainment — no actual judges will be harmed during the filming. Seriously, can’t we have a process that even pretends to be enlightening?

My favorite commentary came from Adam Felber in his blog post titled “Politicians are from Mars, Judges are from Jersey” who pointed out sagely that judicial activism generally means judges doing what you don’t like.

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