Pampered Kids & Greasy Clothes

This weeks annoyance has been brewing for some time.

When I go out shopping I’ve been noticing this trend towards casual clothing that resembles the clothing that working men and women wear. The finish on the jeans look like the finish you could only get when you actually were working in a greasy envoronment. The rips, no doubt hand ripped by kids with real jobs in Indonesia, look like the kind of rips you get while working as a lumberjack, at a junkyard, in a railroad or in a mine. The trucker hats now even come pre-stained and frayed.

So who is wearing this stuff? Kids who never worked an honest day in their lives. (At least I know what honest work is, even if I type for a living now.)

So here’s to all of you kids from an old fart, “You can wear the beer logo trucker hat with pride when you’ve changed a tire at least once, wondered where your next meal was coming from and had a job where you were actually exhausted and dirty at the end of a day. Until then you are a poseur.”

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