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Azaleas, originally uploaded by timbu. I love spring in Minnesota. There is something magical about the first few days when you can walk outside in your shirt sleeves, see the trees budding, and feel a warm breeze. This time of … Continue reading

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Vanilla Magnolia Cupcake

Vanilla Magnolia Cupcakes, originally uploaded by timbu. This time I made them with cream cheese frosting.

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Link Catch-up

Here are a few back logged links I’ve been meaning to share. Waiterrant riffs on Sarte’s “Hell is People” in the post “Heaven & Hell“. Super cool knit fender guitar. The BBC wrote about the change in time standards in … Continue reading

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Craisin Scones

Craisin Scones, originally uploaded by timbu. Saturday was my first attempt at scones. They came out pretty good for a first try.

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Dead Bodies

Elise saw her first corpse at a funeral today. When she saw the deceased in repose she asked, “Is that just a sample, so we know what she looked like.” Yes, dear it kind of is.

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Mesmerizing Ukelele

This ukelele rendition of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” by Jake Shimabukuro is amazing. [Link courtesy of via Neatorama.]

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What is an ambigram? I ran across a reference to this word on an entry at “The Adventures of Accordion Guy“. Check out the “Love/Hate t-shirt“. Ambigram n., – a word or words that can be read in more than … Continue reading

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Idle Hands Are the Devil’s Bakery

At lunch I heard about a service where you can upload a photo and have the photo printed onto a glossy post card and mailed directly to the address of your choosing. That rawks! I wish I had known about … Continue reading

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Folk Art – Easter

Folk Art – Easter, originally uploaded by timbu. Just in time for Easter — the culvert cross.

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Unisex Handwashing – Chino Latino

Unisex Handwashing – Chino Latino, originally uploaded by timbu. I didn’t sneak into the women’s room to snap this photo. Nope, it’s a unisex hand washing area outside the restrom proper – thanks Chino Latino, it was a first for … Continue reading

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