finally switched

No I haven’t finally broken down and bought and mac for home use. I finally succumbed to using  WordPress for blogging. Previously I had used MovableType for a very long time and at one time, prior to the 3.x release I loved the product. It was 3.x with it’s thicket of intertwined files including each other – that is where the system started to break down for me. Then each release had plugins that were a little difficult to install combined with subtle incompatibilities. It just became a waste of time. So now it’s time for something different.

So without further ado – My Top Five Reasons to use WordPress

Finally, like any good open source project, there is a significant number of people contributing to the ecosystem.

Now, I just need to get twitter, friendfeed and flickr updates to show up in-line and my work is done.

If you are using an RSS reader you might need to update it to point to the new feed url.

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