Mac in my life again

I haven’t used a mac of my own since 1998 or so. I think that it was running System 8.05 iirc.

So the new mac laptop seems freaking amazing to me. Here are some items that bowl me over.

  • It’s fast to login.
  • It’s super fast to switch between users.
  • The built-in apps are richer than Windows
  • It’s pretty, I forgot how much I missed that.
  • The laptop build is amazing.
  • Sleep actually works.
  • Perl is already installed.
  • The dock isn’t butt ugly like the slow start menu.
  • Expose is pretty neat.
  • It just worked, right out of the box.

Seriously, I have been wrong to be running Windows since the point where a Intel mac laptop was available.

I really hate the old crappy Dell now.

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