Interesting Mac App

I’ve been checking out some of the creative apps available for a mac. One that caught my eye is called Ommwriter. It’s a really simple text editor that aims at creating a quiet environment for focusing on writing. It has a nice simple high key photo and you simply start typing in black text. It offers up a hint at start-up that you should wear headphones. This is because it has a sound track for writing. I love the idea of a writing application with it’s own soundtrack. I can start iTunes and play a selection of music I love, but the act of opening iTunes allows me to consider making a new play list or checking out some new music or playing a new album – all of which can distract me from the goal at hand – writing. With the word Omm in the title of the application you can already guess that the music is new age.

After using it for 15 minutes I have to say that they really have struck a nerve with this application. Today’s computer desktop has a ridiculous number of distractions. Each email sound a chime or shows a preview in the corner of your screen and the internet with it’s ridiculous number of distracting time sinks is just one click away.

I give this app a rating of strong potential depending on pricing and stability. If it becomes popular I wonder how they will keep people from requesting the usual slate of features and turning it into a normal application with all the distraction and none of the omm.

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