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I know I’m a little comic obsessed at the moment. This was made with Comic Life. I love the program, but it’s a little slow on Windows. I’ll bet the Mac port is better.

New Favorite Marker

I was pretty happy with the new Sharpie retractable markers, but I have a new favorite — the Decocolor marker. Technically it’s a paint marker. Find one at your local art supply store and start writing on things.


For reasons I don’t entirely understand I am fascinated by graffiti art. This movie where the medium is combined with animation blows me away. MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo Anyone know where I can get a ventilator?

Darjeeling and Wes

I finally broke down and checked out the “The Darjeeling Limited”. After my trip to India I knew I had to see it. The movie was fantastically beautiful. Although it wasn’t the India I visited and the story wasn’t mine I recognized myself in the movie in quite a few places.

Online Photo Editing Comparision

Since I tried out the new on-line photoshop offering I thought I would check out what people say about the alternatives. Biased Comparision from soon to launch site Older matrix style review I’m still in the process of checking them out. I’ve always been fond of picnik because they make it so easy to

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This looks like a pretty neat idea. Not only can I create a comic strip sans talent, I can share it, let people comment, let them edit it – this seems like fun to me. This seems like a lot more fun than “super-poking” someone or sending them a virtual banana for a real dollar.

Fascinating Art

Someone made a box that takes a picture every ten seconds and then mails it at the post office. They took the photos and then put it together as a movie. Check it out at [Link courtesy of Neatorama]

The Fringe

If you were thinking about seeing a play at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, check out “Baghdad Burning: Electronic Postcards from Iraq 2003-2006“. I admit I haven’t seen it yet but the director is fabulous so I’m trusting the show will be great.