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finally switched

No I haven’t finally broken down and bought and mac for home use. I finally succumbed to using ¬†WordPress for blogging. Previously I had used MovableType for a very long time and at one time, prior to the 3.x release I loved the product. It was 3.x with it’s thicket of intertwined files including each

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Net Moments

There are some moments in my life where I knew something has changed permanently. Last night I got an email about a young woman who died tragically. When you read something like that it either far away or far too close. In this case it was in the middle. I didn’t really know Julie in

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Sell Crap!

Part two of my tribute to Lore and his seven basic blog posts. I just paid too much money for a few sheets of paper with a cheap soft cover. You should buy one too so you can be cool like other bloggers. Bloggers are known for their ability to find a product and flog

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Seven Deadly Blog Posts

Lore Sjöberg opined today that there are really only seven basic blog posts. It’s sad and mostly true. I think I’ll try and write an example of each of these and see where it leads.

CSS Grids

I don’t get much time lately to play with web toys, but I’ve been really intrigued by the possibilities offered by the new CSS grid frameworks. I think it’s a bit too soon to call these CSS files frameworks, but they offer some great possibilities. I took apart a MovableType template and have applied on

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I ran into a weird citation of my blog on an academic paper. Implicit Structure and Dynamics of Blogspace written by Eytan Adar.