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Share files with

There are a million ways to share big files with friends and customers. I tried one recently that really hit the mark for me It was easy to set up, had clear privacy guidelines and has useful administrative features.  Try it out, it is a little different from dropbox since it is geared towards creating

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I love the way the BBC has laid out all their podcasts. The kids have enjoyed the Megamaths one in particular. The BBC website also made me realize that Google Reader can also be used for podcasts, a fact which I had missed somehow.

New Wave

  So everyone and his brother has seen the Google Wave video by now I hope. I love the ideas embedded in this app. While the UI isn’t perfect, the functionality is really nice. I am really looking forward to spending some time looking at the API and thinking about what could be built with

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Neat Software

It takes quite a bit to impress me when it comes to software, but yesterday I was blown away by this little plug-in for web browser called PicLens. Think of it as a browser add-on that gives you something like the i-Tunes style cover flow visual browser but for web sites like YouTube and Flickr.

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Thinking Machines

I really enjoy reading about computer history. There are a few reasons. Computer History is navel gazing something I enjoy already. The books and essays make what I do for a living seem important. I have a core belief that today’s computer industry is re-inventing the breakthroughs from 20-30 years ago. Reading the history helps

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