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Oregon Trail

I didn’t know there was a Minnesota connection to the game “Oregon Trail” and “Lemonade” – although it’s possible I knew it at one time and forgot. “The original version of The Oregon Trail(K+T) was created in 1971 by three student teachers at Carleton College in Northfield, Minnesota,[1][dead link] using a mainframe computer.[2] One of

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I’ve read more comics in the last year than at any point in my life after the third grade.  One title I haven’t dipped back into is the Archie series – I was imagining that nothing had really changed.  I was wrong. today I read that we’ll soon have “”Archie Marries Veronica Part 1:  The

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Pick Me

While I was reading an article on developing expertise, I ran into a clip of football stunts on facebook that makes the point visually. I like the sheetrock and the bell tower bits best. So what is it you love enough to spend the time to get that good at? You should watch me edit

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Even though the state of the art augmented reality is still pertty crude. I think it’s the most exciting part of what computing might offer in the future. Having a smart phone and ubiquitous internet access already has changed my notion of knowing facts as I can look them up at any time. I don’t

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Cross Examinations

I really enjoy the nomination hearings for Supreme Court nominees. Unlike lower federal judges at least the Supreme court nominee is gauranteed a hearing and most likely a vote. The one thing that has struck me the last few go rounds is how the whole process is really geared towards candidates who are able to

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Lake Vermilion has an annual loon count run by volunteers. Since loons seem to be everywhere on the lake it’s kind of interesting to see a table that actually shows the real count. I’ll have to try and volunteer for this count next year.