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Jury Duty – Day 1

Today begins Day 1 of jury duty for me. I am to report to the county for Orientation and selection today. It’s funny, I have always wanted to be on jury duty, ever since I was aware of the concept. Now that it’s upon me I don’t want to, mainly as I have a lot

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Matthew’s Third Birthday

Just wanted to take a moment and point out my son, Matthew. As of February 14th, 2003 he is a three year old. I couldn’t be prouder of this guy. His mind goes a mile a minute and the rest of him is not far behind. His grasp of the english langauge is phenomenal, and

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Packer Game 12/10/2001

Here we are walking up to the hallowed stadium. We were a lot closer to the field than either of us expected. The whole stadium seemed smaller and more intimate than I expected. Here come the players out onto the tundra. Next time get tickets for a warmer day!