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Minnesota & Franken

I’ve had a few conversations in the last week or two about the latest Senator from Minnesota,  Al Franken. People outside of Minnesota can’t really figure the whole thing out. We seem like these relatively stolid people, but we do occasionally elect some really odd ducks or perhaps I should say loons. One of the

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Cheeseburger Cupcakes

Cheeseburger Cupcakes, originally uploaded by KateDW. Seriously, I have seen a lot of creative cupcakes in the last few years. These take the cake. Go to flickr and watch the whole recipe come together.

Square Foot Gardening

CIMG6238, originally uploaded by timbu. Here are the promised photos of the square foot gardens. Everything is growing pretty nicely, in fact a few things are primed to escape the chicken coop wire. I think it’s almost time to harvest some lettuce and spinach. Elise has already eaten two strawberries.


Detroit, originally uploaded by timbu. I really like the Detroit airport. It looks so European. The exposed red train running in the white terminal makes it look futuristic. The underground tunnel with the crazy art and music is fun but I’m always in too much of a hurry to really soak it in. Is the

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258, originally uploaded by timbu. I just wish I could bowl this way all the time! There is a tourney at work and I struggle to break into the 170’s. Is there some sort of Wii Sports Camp I can go to?


If you are a sentimental person like me you’ll likely love Up, the new pixar movie. I think this is a movie I’ll definitely go watch again. I kept having flashbacks to a certain morning in Australia where I saw a house floating by.

Picasa Problem

Why doesn’t the latest version of Picasa for Windows do drag and drop? It seems like a bug, but a pretty big one to me.  Maybe they caught on to the fact that people used Picasa to put things into the flickr uploadr and got peeved. No, CNTRL-ENTER is not the right work-a-round, since it

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Mac Knife and Cutting Board

Mac Knife and Cutting Board, originally uploaded by timbu. I have been using two tiny plastic cutting boards for more than 9 years. They were nicked and unpleasant to say the least. When I saw the kids making something toxic on one, I knew they had to go. Instantly I knew I needed something natural

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