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Gifts to the future

I worked a little more on my basement office this weekend. All the sheetrock is up on the inside. Every time I work on a home improvement project I run into inevitable problems. I solve them in my own way, probably not the most professional way. I always pity the next person who comes along

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Learning to Ride

CIMG5808, originally uploaded by timbu. Both kids hopped on their new bikes last week and instantly knew how to ride. The last few summers haven’t been as successful. I would push and push and the kids would go a few feet before wiping out. I tried new methods to teach kids and nothing worked. This

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New Sink

New Sink Originally uploaded by timbu I installed a new sink in our kitchen this weekend. I have to say the project came out looking better than I had hoped. Let’s not forget the “before” picture.

I’m Old

Reason #412 why I know I’m old, my friends don’t jump at the chance to help do home improvement for pizza & beer. Alone or not I still like painting, which is what I’m doing today and what I will probably be working on until Wednesday. Painting was my first real job that I stuck

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Check out this article on Banana Extinction. I thought bananas taste different now than the ones I remember from my childhood. All this time, I thought that this difference was due to the foggy nostalgia. Now I have a better explanation. This is exactly why I like diversity in my lawn. If creeping charlie and

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basement work

I spent a Saturday and Sunday working in my basement. When we purchased the house it had an unfinished basement. We haven’t really done much about it, up until now. Now after a long period of multi-lateral negotiations, we finally have agreed on a working floor plan to create an office, bedroom, and bathroom in

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Must have purchase

I don’t know where I saw this on the web first, but it’s call a toilet sink. When the water refills the tank it splashes through a sink built on top on the lid of the toilet. It’s a water saving idea as now you are flushing with used or gray water instead of fresh

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Old house for sale (SOLD)

SOLD Like a cabin in the woods, but only minutes from 694 and Silver Lake Road This beautiful two bedroom, 1 and 1/2 bath “end unit” North Innsbruck townhome is nestled back in a wooded setting, with views of mature trees from every window and from the very private, over-sized patio. The home also features:

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