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Gran Torino

I watched four movies this week in airplanes; The Time Traveler’s Wife, District 9, All About Steve & Love Happens. Two of those movies were pretty good. You can guess which ones I liked. None of them were any good compared with the movie I saw tonight – Gran Torino.

Dark Knight

I finally saw “Dark Knight” in the Imax theater at the Minnesota Zoo. It ws well worth the trek down to Appley Valley to see the movie. I thought it was a great thriller. Amazingly it was not cartoonish and explored themes of good and evil in thought provoking ways. I loved the rethought prisoner’s

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Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman 03, originally uploaded by bbaltimore. I was sitting around thinking about what comic book heroes hadn’t been made into movies. The one that jumped out at me was Wonder Woman. It turns out that there was something going on, but it appears to have gone off the rails somehow. We aren’t going to

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The Crystal Skull

The Crystal Skull from The British Museum 1a, originally uploaded by Y-Not ?. The movie was ok. Some parts were good old fashioned blockbuster summer fun. The ending left me feeling like somehow there had been a collision in the elevator between the Indiana Jones screenwriter and the X-Files screenwriter. When they bent down to

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Iron Man Rocks

I saw Iron Man recently at the theater. It was a fun summer movie. In fact I think it’s my favorite comic to big screen movie so far with the possible exception of Road to Perdition. I can’t wait to see the other more movies from Marvel if they are all this good. They can’t

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Darjeeling and Wes

I finally broke down and checked out the “The Darjeeling Limited”. After my trip to India I knew I had to see it. The movie was fantastically beautiful. Although it wasn’t the India I visited and the story wasn’t mine I recognized myself in the movie in quite a few places.


Fitna the movie is out on YouTube now. I watched it. As a movie it wasn’t that great. it cherry picks some hateful speech and juxtaposes it with violent images. I’m not sure it deserves the press it is getting. I suppose the editing is ok and it’s always nice to see ideas “hoisted by

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Still Lost

Three years later you run into the same movie on an unexpected night and you wonder will it be the same — will you love it as much as the first time. The movie, “Lost in Translation” still works for me. I’m not sure I’ll feel the same way when I see Juno three years

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The Simpsons movie was well worth the price of admission. It takes a lot to make me laugh out loud at a movie and I actually guffawed several times.


Where were you last Thursday night? If you weren’t at the Riverview Theater to see the local screening of Raiders you missed out on something pretty cool. A couple of years ago I read a few news items about a couple of kids who made a scene for scene version of Raiders of the Lost

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