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Print it

On my trip to the Everglades I stopped in to Clyde Butcher’s store. When you walk in and see the huge prints it reinforces the what happens when you take a large format negative¬†¬†and print it out HUGE like 40″ x 60″ something magical happens.   Clyde says it better than me.   “I want

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Family Pictures

Family friend, Lisa Slotsve, took family portraits in our neighborhood a few weeks ago. See if you can spot us in the her latest blog entry. Did I forget to smile again?

Neat Software

It takes quite a bit to impress me when it comes to software, but yesterday I was blown away by this little plug-in for web browser called PicLens. Think of it as a browser add-on that gives you something like the i-Tunes style cover flow visual browser but for web sites like YouTube and Flickr.

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Online Photo Editing Comparision

Since I tried out the new on-line photoshop offering I thought I would check out what people say about the alternatives. Biased Comparision from soon to launch site Older matrix style review I’m still in the process of checking them out. I’ve always been fond of picnik because they make it so easy to

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Almost a year ago I bought my first Moleskine journal. At that point I had bought many journals before and never managed to fill more than a few pages. I’m happy to report that I filled two entire moleskines and am working on a third one now. Apparently I have enough self-fascination and navel gazing

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The clouds looked so cool this morning I had to go back in and grab the camera. It was a gorgeous day; wish I could have gone on my usual constitutional.