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In a rare mood, Elise asked me to take her picture. The instant I did so she whirled away. I like the result. It looks a lot like life with a pre-schooler, they are always moving and nothing seems to be in focus — still it has a kind of beauty.

Back Lots

Minneapolis has a number of spots are the ruins of once prosperous industry. I find these places have a beauty all their own, perhaps more than when these places were hopping with commerce and activity.

Tulips in Minnesota

Last week my tulips were finally in bloom. I’ve been so busy I had already missed the riotous azaleas but managed to get outside with a camera before the tulips were completely gone. Proof that flowers bloom in the land of the starter-castle. Not my castle, BTW.


Back in college I worked for a few years making bluelines for a couple of local companies. It was a repetitive job, without a lot of intellectual challenge. I still think of it fondly though because it was very social work. It was easy to carry on a conversation while doing something as mindless as

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Spring Photos

I’ve been spouting off about spring quite a bit lately. My conscience was bothering me about the photos I have posted because they are from previous years — much later in the season. The photos represented my thoughts but don’t paint an accurate picture of what Minnesota is like at the end of March. So

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