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Bilbo’s Riddle

Bilbo: “What have I got in my pocket..ehm..” Gollum: “Not fair, my precious! Not fair to ask us what it’s got in its nasty little pocketsess.” As promised, you can find the answer to the question “What’s in my pocket?” on What’s in my pocket (Tag) What’s in your pocket (Tag) What’s in your

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What’s in your bag?

One of the coolest things about flickr is the ability to annotate photos. For some reason people have been taking photos of the bags they carry around and annotating the contents. So check out the stuff in my bag. Just to prove I’m not alone, you can check out what is in everyone else’s bag.

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High School Photo

Since I’ve been on a journey down memory lane recently, I thought I would post a picture from my high school year book of me. (Sorry about the low quality.) It’s really one of my favorite pictures of myself ever. Where did all that hair go?


A classmate of my wife’s complained that I did not post enough pictures of my wife on my web site. Here you go. BTW, there are reasons why more pictures of my wife aren’t displayed on my blog. I would take more photos, if someone would sit still and allow me to take more photos.

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I just got back from a quick trip to the Superior Hiking Trail on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Minnesota. Aras and I went camping in Devil Track Canyon, the deepest gorge in Minnesota. Aras managed to take some good shots of me. Since this blog is really all about me, I thought

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Sailing Snapshots

Here are a few shots of my 2004 sailing trip. Like last year, we sailed out of Port Superior, near Bayfield, WI. We chartered a 32″ foot Beneteau, named Water Music. It’s a nice boat. I don’t like the cockpit configuration the best, and she isn’t too fast, but a real nice boat for cruising

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Boston Night Photos

Last month I was in Boston for some meetings. During this time a friend and co-worker from Florida, Troy was kind enough to bring his new digital rebel along and let me test drive it. Due to our schedule we were only able to get out at night, but it was a lot of fun

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Digital Photo Workflow

I take quite a few digital photos. Periodically someone asks me what I do with them, so I thought I would take a minute to document my workflow. I take all my photos at the highest jpeg resolution available. I don’t use the raw setting vey much for two reasons. I almost never plan on

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