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Falling In …

I was out sailing yesterday courtesy of D_____ at work. The weather was quite blustery and gusty, which made for fun sailing. I had a first yesterday. I was up by the mast trying to loosen a line and the boat heeled over quite suddenly. I slipped and ended up with my feet in the

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Cannon Valley Trail

I did the Cannon Valley Trail yesterday with some co-workers. We had a great ride with very comfortable weather. I really enjoyed being able to ride with people who could challenge my biking skills without leaving me completely in the dust. I kept up with the leader from Red Wing to Cannon Falls. On the

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New Post from Aras

Aras wrote a nice post on climbing, kayaking and life. Nice work, glad to see you posting again. Danger doesn’t motivate me as much as it does Aras when it comes to outdoor activities. It’s not that there aren’t dangers; after all I go solo backpacking which isn’t exactly what your life insurance agent recommends.

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On the Left

So lately I’ve been bicycling more. I have one question. When on a mixed use trail, when I say in a clear voice “Passing on the left”, why do people panic and move in every direction?

Matthew Bike Riding

The shadowy figures in the photograph are Jeannie and Matthew working on Matthew’s bike riding skills. He’s getting the hang of going without training wheels. He still steers like a distracted drunk and sometimes forgets to pedal, but he is much better than I was at that age. How I Learned to Stop Worrying and

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I wish sailing was considered more newsworthy. Somehow I completely missed Ellen Macarthur’s record setting solo sail around the world. 71 days, 14 hours, 18 minutes and 33 seconds is the new time to beat. While I practically salivate when imagining myself rounding Cape Horn or crossing the Atlantic, I can’t fathom the intestinal fortitude

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Red Sox

While I am not a baseball fanatic or a Red Sox fan, I would like to offer my hearty congratulations to the Boston Red Sox for winning the AL Championship, by beating the Yankees in an amazing comeback. I can so identify with the feeling of elation that one’s favorite team is on the cusp

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