Foggy morning

Got up early for a con call with co-workers in India. They stayed until 9:00 at night to hear me complain about getting on the phone at 8:30 A.M. here. Got quite a few things ironed out including some good implementation ideas. I completed the needed code in time for COB, even though I scoped

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Beautiful day …

Today is really spectacular. It is 28 degrees, very mild and sunny. If we had this weather after every snowfall I would be ecstatic. This morning was a whirlwind of activity with snowblowing making a pot of chili, taking out the garbage, getting the dry cleaning together. I don’t remember having so much to do

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Can’t believe the snow now

It’s late ( 11:53 P.M. ) now. I have just gotten back from shopping, and let me tell you about the weather. It’s a classic snowstorm — almost blizzard. It seems like 8″-10″ on the ground already, and boy howdy is it blustery and windy. It seems like when I moved to Minnesota this happened

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Today is another day

We didn’t get the promised snow last night, at least not from where I sit. I did however continue to get spam in my in-box. I just want to know what kind of return the marketeers get from their spam. I mean who decides to buy stuff from spammers. I just need to get my

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Big Ball of Mud

The more I work in software development, the more I am amazed that anything works. I have recently been reading up on the notion of patterns in software development. I came across a great paper on the web call the Big Ball of Mud. This paper is unique in that it seems more like real

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Packer Game 12/10/2001

Here we are walking up to the hallowed stadium. We were a lot closer to the field than either of us expected. The whole stadium seemed smaller and more intimate than I expected. Here come the players out onto the tundra. Next time get tickets for a warmer day!

Old house for sale (SOLD)

SOLD Like a cabin in the woods, but only minutes from 694 and Silver Lake Road This beautiful two bedroom, 1 and 1/2 bath “end unit” North Innsbruck townhome is nestled back in a wooded setting, with views of mature trees from every window and from the very private, over-sized patio. The home also features:

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